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The coffee I’m having for breakfast
Tastes like dirt and cream and sugar
Tastes like first dates and morning kisses
Tastes like winter and lonely mornings.

My stomach is turning slowly
Feels like butterflies and anticipation
Feels like roller coaster drops
Feels like hangovers and bitter Mondays

I’m sitting quiet on top of blankets
Seems like they’re always empty
Seems like they’re always a mess
Seems like it means something.

This morning smells like loneliness. And all I wanted was a little more coffee.


Uorn Sambath and his pet python.

A few months after Uorn Sambath was born, his family found a baby python under his mattress. They carefully took it outside, but during the night it returned to be with the baby boy. The boy’s father prayed, and decided that the snake belonged to the boy and would bring them happiness.

The boy and the snake have been together ever since. They have played together, have slept together, and even have talked together.

“What do you say to the snake?” People have asked the boy.

“That is a secret,” the boy has replied.

Did…Did we just find real life Voldemort? O_o

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